Join me for BLUE SHIRT DAY!

From Krysten Moore, Youth and Bullying Prevention Ambassador – Love Our Children USA and STOMP Out Bullying:

It’s that time of year again, back to school shopping is in full swing and the summer is winding down. Although things get crazy with the start of a new school year we need to focus on one important thing and that is to be considerate and respectful to everyone we encounter throughout our day.

Bullying has become an epidemic and I need your help to stop it. The first step to stopping bullying starts with you today. If you haven’t already taken the pledge to STOMP Out Bullying, I’d like to suggest you do – today and everyday.

You can even take bullying and cyberbullying awareness to the next level by participating in BLUE SHIRT DAY (Love Our Children USA’s initiative) by wearing a Blue Shirt Day on Monday, October 4th 2010. Tell your friends and family and get as many people involved as you possibly can.

I hope you will take a stand and join me by wearing a Blue Shirt on Monday October 4th as the day of worldwide prevention to Stomp Out Bullying. You can make a difference, and the way to start is by showing your support and wearing a Blue Shirt on Monday, October 4th.

Just because bullying has been around for a long time doesn’t mean it needs to exist forever so make bullying a thing of the past. 

Visit for details — and make a commitment to STOMP Out Bullying one positive word at a time.

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