Girls or Boys? Who are the bigger bullies?

We know that bullying is an ongoing problem which has reached epidemic proportions, with a distinct difference between the actions and responses of boys vs. girls.

Whenever you hear of bullies one might think of boys with their fists tightened ready to fight. We always think of girls as verbal bullies and mean girls who socially alienate and exclude others.

Today we see a rise in boys using verbal bullying, gossip and social exclusion, while we see girls who bully with  a lot of it related to sports.

And with the internet, both boys and girls cyberbully at an alarming rate — and it’s anonymous, making it that much easier for kids. With 43% of kids being cyberbullied, it’s been found that girls are cyberbullied more than boys.

Whether its boys or girls bullying and/or cyberbullying, it’s out of control and clearly inappropriate.

We  must STOMP Out Bullying!

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