Wild West 2.0 hits the nation by storm! The reality of the dangers that lurk online

Your kids use the Internet, you use it, so do your family and friends.

We live in a digital frontier and it’s not going away. Our kids spend most of their time on the Internet which is a virtual playground for online bullies, cyber attackers, stalkers and predators.

You use the Internet for business, or you might be looking for a job, trying to make new friends or even find your mate online. You’d be surprised how many online dangers lurk online for adults as well.

There are moms who bully, people who want to ruin other’s reputations, stalkers and other cyber attackers.

No doubt about it — the Internet IS your life!

While setting up Google alerts for you and your kids are a good practice, people aren’t going to check to see what “he said …she said”, and who is telling the truth.

Wild West 2.0 already in its second print has hit book shelves across the nation! And it’s a must read for every parent!


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