Violence By Texting. Are your teens safe?

“Textual Harassment” is a newer aspect of dating violence and it’s growing out of control.

Constant texts asking “Where r u?” Who r u with? Why aren’t u answering me? …are just a ping away on cell phones. And those pings can amount to hundreds per day.

A17-year-old New York girl was trying to break up with her boyfriend. Yet the texts she received were not only menacing but in one text he threatened to kill her.

A 22-year-old Virginia woman received 20 to 30 unrelentless texts a day wanting her back. Not taking no for an answer he texted and called 758 times.

For those digital pros, “Textual Harassment” is a big part of domestic violence and it’s gotten out of hand.

The victim will feel compelled to respond to the messages. Textual Harassers are obsessive and can text more than 100 times a day.


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