Are supermarket carts safe for your kids?

Last week a New York City mom was checking out her local supermarket and looked down to see her toddler’s leg stuck in the narrowest bar of the shopping cart. Her daughter’s leg was completely stuck.

While the toddler cried the mom tried to remain calm by slowly slipping her leg back out, but it wouldn’t move. The checkout lady, manager and security all came to their rescue to no avail. Someone cried “get the Crisco oil”, another yelled “don’t touch it” and someone yelled “call 911.”

The poor mom was panic stricken and screamed for someone to get a cutter which is used to cut large metal bike locks.

Someone came to the rescues with the metal cutters but the frantic mom couldn’t help but think “Do it and don’t miss” and prayed her daughter’s leg or ankle would not be broken.

Soon the little girl was free with only a few scratches and bruises.

Read more of the story here

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