"To Save A Life" the movie. It’s about choices. What’s yours?

Are you a kid or teen who is depressed?

There is help!

You have choices and it’s all about the choices you make! Whatever is hurting you so bad that you would even think of suicide has a solution. And that’s NOT suicide.

Suicide is NEVER the answer. It ends all of your dreams, it’s permanent — you can’t take it back, it hurts the people who love you — and it doesn’t solve the problem that’s hurting you!

While Love Our Children USA and STOMP Out Bullying does not endorse any particular religious organization or group, we encourage you to see the movie “To Save A Life” and then spread the word!

It can save your life, it can save the life of someone you know. It’s up to all of us to help!

An all-star athlete and his girlfriend find their lives spinning out of control when Jake loses a childhood friend. Help comes when he reaches out to others who are hurting, and he realizes some people are just dying to be heard.
The movie asks…

How far would you go?

How much would you risk?

How hard would you fight…TO SAVE A LIFE

See the movie TO SAVE A LIFE in theaters near you.

Visit http://www.stompoutbullying.org/ and remember — you can save a life — you can save your life!

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